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Urbino, Urbino Collegi - Tridente and Aquilone

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Urbino, Progetti di rifunzionalizzazione all'interno dei Collegi Tridente e Aquilone
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client/committente: ERSU Regional Entity for the Study Right

period/periodo: 2013

project/progetto: MTA Associati

The Aquilone complex was born for study and the reception but, during the last twenty years, the spaces destined for the study have not been used up to their potentialities and some of them, as the central building of “Aquilone” for instance, have become marginal or have been destined to other activities.
Building the laboratories of Biochemistry could reverse this process with two actions: reuse parts of the existing college and erect a new four storey building to accommodate more specialized activities in continuity with the existing, like the laboratories, which could be realized with the most innovative building standards. Students from the Biomolecular Sciences Dep. could also use the classrooms, the cafeteria and the canteen located in the core services of the Tridente College.
The project for the transformation of the University Canteen in multipurpose space was carried out as part of the consultancy and supervision over the main transformations of the University Colleges of Urbino.
1) The use of the spaces has infact imposed changes in space planning in order to correspond to a greater diversity in supply and distribution of food, to the introduction of self-managed spaces and kitchens and to the introduction of food kiosks  along with self-service vending machines.
2) extend everyday use of the room from four to twelve hours, which involves: the introduction of partitions in order to create secluded areas of study and conversation, the introduction of elements that enhance sound absorption, changes in the furnishings in order to extend the use over lunch hours.
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