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Valperga (TO), Arnulfi Secondary School

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Valperga (TO), Progetto per il Polo scolastico Arnulfi
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client/committente: Comune di Valperga (TO)

period/periodo: 2013

project/progetto: MTA Associati

The A.Arnulfi school was built in the late seventies, the precarious state of conservation and the necessity to constantly provide maintenance work persuaded the Administration to commission a new project.
In the new building the existing compositional scheme, a long hallway lined with closed classrooms, is turned over, to achieve more transparency and flexibility; the learning spaces are considered as an open space where children and students can be organized in different levels of aggregation. Classrooms (home base), and offices will be facing south, while the laboratories will be facing north; collective and individual activities are organized in the main open space, flexible, with large windows overlooking the Primary School and the linden row in the garden.
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