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La Spezia, Development in Valdellora

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La Spezia, Riqualificazione di un'area a Valdellora
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client/committente: Immobiliare ProCasa, la Spezia

period/periodo: 2011

project/progetto: Mta Associati, Giuliano Giaroli, Silvia Dal Prato

3.500 square meters of residential areas and 500 square meters of retail space represent an opportunity to rethink the urban system in the city outskirts, reinforcing the relationship of every home with green areas and offering new meeting places. The system favors: the urban recomposition, underlining the role of the axis of roads as a generator;  the creation of a protected square, facing private gardens and activities; maintenance and enhancement of industrial areas that remind us of its origins; reconstruction of the green foothills through the re-naturalization of the base on which rests the main building; proposal of a double-aspect residential system, facing gardens to the front and rear, energy class A, and construction cost limited to 800 euro per square meter, allowing young couples to buy their first home, and limiting the “consumption” of green spaces and public land.
mta associati